Intercultural Communication Arab/Islamic culture

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TitleIntercultural Communication Arab/Islamic culture
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Intercultural Communication Arab/Islamic culture



  • Context/Content.

  • Direct/Indirect.


Polychronic Monochronic.

Significance of the “Right”.



  • Patients perception of the disease (causes, symptoms and treatment) is affected by previous community experiences.

  • Illness is a test and a trial/Can affect treatment decisions.

  • Cure is granted by GOD/Quran, Supplications.

  • Treatment is sometime weighed against what is best for the whole family and not just the individual.

Decision making will take longer.

  • Decision making will take longer.

  • Who do you tell the prognosis to .

  • Be aware of the Social stigma of the disease.

  • Literal translation of symptoms.


  • Care-Giver is a person of authority, solutions are expected without too much effort from the patient.

  • Loyalty to ones group in good or bad.

  • Conflect managment/exaguration/use of intermediaries.

  • Respect/Saving face while giving the diagnosis.

Shaking hands/Dress code/eye contact./Khulwa.

  • Shaking hands/Dress code/eye contact./Khulwa.

  • Privacy/Modesty with both sexes.

  • Practice your social skills/a bond of trust.


  • Relationships take precedence.

  • Status of mothers/Female names.

  • The Number of visitors/Special arrangments.


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Joud Shafiq

Joud Shafiq


  • What God wills.

  • When they encounter something good.

  • They invoke God's protection.

If God wills.

  • If God wills.

  • Asking for God's help.


  • Religiously forbidden.

  • Abused expression.

  • To exaggerate the effect.


  • Praise be to God.

  • Everything comes from God.

  • To express satisfaction and contentment.

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